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Aktiviti Arkib

Tarikh: 07 Mac 2012 - 31 Mac 2012
Lokasi: Galeri Saindera

Shibori is a cloth resist-dyeing technique that may include binding, stitching, folding, twisting,
or compressing. This labour intensive method has been used to dye patterns on silk in Japan since the eighth century. The international usage for shibori are pelangi,  a Malay-Indonesian word for the process of gathering and binding cloth; tritik, a Malay-Indonesian word for stitch resistand bandhani, an Indian term for the process of plucking and binding cloth in small points.Come celebrate shibori in all its transformations. Listen and learn how an ancient shaped resist dyeing technique is forging new dimension in today’s fashion and design.

Presently a Reader/Consultant, Textile and Fashion design with Malaysian Institute of Art. His responsibilities include mentoring young lecturer and students, upgrading the department’s curriculums and linking the institute with professional organizations both local and abroad through outreach programs. Samsuddin has also participated in several exhibitions on batik and shibori at home and abroad.